Project - Transforming Exam Rooms into Information Workspaces

The clinic setting is a critical environment where patients must interact effectively with information. As part of the Personal Health Information Management Project, we conducted a study of patients’ PHIM behavior in clinical workspaces such as infusion areas and exam rooms. During analysis, we identified barriers embedded in the physical space that inhibit patients’ ability to manage information during their clinical appointments. These include (1) spaces not designed to support patients’ access and use of information (2) lack of tools to capture and re-use information exchanged at the clinic and (3) lack of support for collaborative document viewing. These barriers compromised patients’ abilities to manage information when they experienced bursts of oral communication, new or unfamiliar information, and fragmented attention in clinical spaces. Based on these findings, we identified design strategies to mitigate physical space constraints through designs to focus attention, encourage collaboration, and improve communication in clinical settings. We report these findings in our forthcoming paper entitled “Transforming Clinical Workspaces into Effective Information Workspaces for Patients.”

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