Bridging the gap between healthcare delivery, research and commercialization, Kent identifies strategic opportunities by analyzing markets, studying users, designing systems, improving clincial workflows, deploying IT services and evaluating impact of technology that enable new health-delivery strategies.

At the University of Washington, Kent oversees Project ECHO knowledge networks across 5 states in the Pacific Northwest, linked with telemedicine and ehealth technologies. These knowledge networks connect clinical specialists (spanning infectious disease, hepatology, psychiatry, addiction, chronic pain, anesthesiology, rehabilitation medicine, and family medicine) with community clinicians to treat complex chronic diseases in community settings. To support these knowledge networks, Kent deploys telemedicine infrustructure that catalyzes clinical collaboration for efficient delivery of clinical care over time and across space.

Through empirical research, Kent identifies "pain points" in clinical workflows and implements workflow solutions that facilitate clinical collaboration. In addition, Kent probes the underlying (often hidden) actions, strategies and perceptions that influence behavior as patients confront health problems and navigate the health-care system. Empirical results from these studies identify user requirements, quality improvement strategies, and high-value informatics solutions.

Opportunity targets include inter-institutional, enterprise & end-user solutions that maximize clinical workflows, physician-patient collaboration, personalized medicine, health-care access, and creative business models for health-services.

Kent also works with high-energy design teams to transform the patient experience of health. The ultimate goal is to produce innovative systems and services that fulfill the full range of cognitive, emotional, social, and informational needs of patients both at and away from the treatment center.

Kent received a Ph.D. in Information Science from the Information School of University of Washington, a Masters in Information Technology from the McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from Goshen College. Kent also completed a post-graduate National Libraries of Medicine Fellowship (2003-2006) and a post-doctoral fellowship (2008-2009) in the Division of Biomedical and Health Informatics under the direction of Dr. Wanda Pratt.

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Personal Health
Information Management
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Catalyzing Social Support During Cancer Care
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Founding Director (1995 - 2000) of Erie Technology Center, a community technology center (CTC) providing technology services to critical-need immigrant populations in Chicago within Erie Neighborhood House (a Settlement House founded in 1897) read more >