William Carlos Williams

"No ideas but in things"

b. September 17, 1883 Rutherford, New Jersey -- d. March 4, 1963 Rutherford, New Jersey

attended schools in New Jersey, Geneva, Paris, and New York City before entering the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in 1902

University of Pennsylvania, MD 1906

postgraduate study University of Leipzig 1909-1910

m. Florence "Flossie" Herman December 12, 1912

children: William Eric b. 1914; Paul b. 1916

practiced medicine all his life in Rutherford, New Jersey

good friend of Ezra Pound, whom he met in college and with whom he engaged in extended dialogues about the nature poetry; later suffered for this friendship, but never gave it up

pediatrician to the child Allen Ginsberg

visiting professor of English, University of Washington, Seattle, 1948

visited Reed College, Portland, Oregon, 1950, where he encountered and encouraged the young Philip Whalen

wrote the introduction for Allen Ginsberg's first book of poetry, Howl and Other Poems, in 1955.

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