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Wehr, Wesley C.

Projects and Bibliography

Wesley C. Wehr
Affiliate Curator of Paleobotany
Geology / Paleontology
The Burke Museum, University of Washington
Box 353010
Seattle, WA 98195-3010
Voice: (206) 543-0495
FAX: (206) 685-3039
e-mail: wwehr@u.washington.edu


Expertise - Tertiary fossil plants
  • Paleobotanist and artist
  • Affiliate Curator of Paleobotany, Burke Museum
  • Lecturer on Paleobotany of the Pacific Northwest, Art and Natural History

Research Interests:

Eocene floras of the Pacific Northwest
Fossil plant and insect interactions; evolution of modern conifer forests; upland floras of the Eocene; angiosperm diversification during the Eocene.


Eocene floras of British Columbia

Although a resident of Washington state, a specific research interest of Wes Wehr is the eocene flora of British Columbia.

Select Publications, Presentations & Papers

Basinger, J.F., McIver, E. & Wehr, W.C. (1996). Tertiary conifers of British Columbia. In R. Ludvigsen, (Ed.), Life in stone -- fossils of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press and Royal British Columbia Museum.

Stockey, R.A. & Wehr, W.C. (1996). Flowering plants around Eocene lakes of the interior. In R. Ludvigsen, (Ed.), Life in stone -- fossils of British Columbia. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press and Royal British Columbia Museum.

Wehr, W.C. (1995). Early Tertiary flowers, fruits and seeds of Washington State and adjacent areas. Washington Geology, 23 (3) pp. 3-16.

Wehr, W.C. (1998). Middle Eocene insects and plants of the Okanogan Highlands. In J.E. Martin, (Ed), Contributions to the palaeontology and geology of the West Coast: In honor of V. Standish Mallory (Research Report No. 6). Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum.
[This article contains a list of all the fossil plant families and genera presently recorded from the Middle Eocene of the Okanogan Highlands at Princeton, British Columbia, and Republic, Washington. Copies of the volume may be purchased through the Burke Museum. Copies of the chapter may be obtained upon written request to W. Wehr at the Museum.]

Wehr, W.C. (In press). Early collectors of fossil plants in the Pacific Northwest. In A.R. Kruckeberg & R.M. Love, (Eds), Plant hunters of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press.

Wolfe, J.A. & Wehr, W.C. (1988). Rosaceous Chamaebatiaria-like foliage from the Paleogene of Western North America. Aliso, 12 (1), 177-200.

Private Collections:

Library Collections
Extensive library of Eocene literature for BC plants and insects.

Specimen Collections
Fossil plants and insects: Eocene of Princeton area, McAbee, and Smithers.

URL http://royal.okanagan.bc.ca/cgi-bin/view?bio=wwehr

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