George Tsutakawa

born 1813 Federal Avenue E., Capitol Hill, Seattle, February 22, 1910

died Seattle December 1997

father Shozo Tsutakawa, an import-export merchant who came to Seattle in 1900

mother Hisa Naito Tsutakawa

sister's husband's business became the current Uwajimaya

attended Lowell Elementary on Federal Avenue by Volunteer Park

1917 at age 7 moved with his family back to Japan to live with maternal grandmother, Mutsu Naito

grew up in the ancient castle town Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

studied pottery, calligraphy, painting and tea with Zen master in Fukuyama

frequently visited his grandfather in Okayama

1927 returned to Seattle at age 17

studied art at Broadway High School where he was a friend of (1912-1973) and Morris Graves

met and associated with Mark Tobey, Kenneth Callahan, Guy Anderson, Paul Horiuchi, Isamu Noguchi, Dudley Carter, Bill Gamble, Kenjiro Nomura, Kamekichi Tokita, Takuichi Fujii, Wes Wehr, and other masters of the Northwest School

University of Washington, BFA 1937

served in US Army in World War Two, teaching Japanese in the Military Intelligence School in Minnesota

1947 married Ayame Iwasa, student of Japanese dance and flower arrangement, whom he had met on a visit to Tule Lake Camp

University of Washington, MFA

taught Japanese in University of Washington Far East Department

joined faculty of University of Washington School of Art, 1947

also taught part-time in the University of Washington School of Architecture, from 1950

first fountain sculpture "The Fountain of Wisdom" 1960 at the main downtown Seattle Public Library, the first commissioned public sculpture in Seattle since 1908, derived from obos stacked rock structures still customary in the Himalayas which are also the antecedents of pagodas

more than 75 fountains

retrospective Bellevue Art Museum, 1990, to mark 80th birthday

son Gerard born 1947, sculptor

daughter Mayumi born 1949, writer and curator

son Deems Akihiko born 1952, jazz musician

son Marcus born 1955, conductor

George Tsutakawa, by Mayumi Tsutakawa, at

George Tsutakawa

George Tsutakawa, by Deloris Tarzan Ament

George Tsutakawa - Art in Allen Center

George Tsutakawa interviewed by Martha Kingsbury, Smithsonian Art Archives

at Broadway High School 1945

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