Shinkichi Tajiri

photo by Philip Mechanicus

born December 7, 1923, Los Angeles

married Dutch artist Ferdi Jansen [died January 2, 1969] in Amsterdam 1956

daughter Giotta Fuyo Tajiri, b. 1957

daughter Ryu Vinci Tajiri b. 1959

married Suzanne van de Capellen, 1976

moved to Baarlo, a village in Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands, 1962

renovated their new home - a dilapidated castle

started a bronze foundry

studied with noted San Diego sculptor Donal Hord

in 1942 sent to the Poston "3" concentration camp in the Arizona desert

in 1943 joined the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and fought in Italy

wounded on July 9, 1944 during an attack on Catellina, Italy (stone fragments are still lodged in his bones)

during hospitalization started drawing fellow soldiers and war scenes

worked in the studio of Isamu Noguchi in New York

studied at Chicago Art Institute on the G.I. Bill

in 1948 moved to Paris where he continued his study with Ozzip Zadkine and Fernand Leger

since 1956, he has lived in the Netherlands

professor at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, 1969 - 1989

student Nobuho Nagasawa -- her Missing House was inspired by the Tajiri family's story -- also wrote Tribute to My Mentor

Shinkichi Tajiri

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