Asya - keyboards, and vocals

born February 2, 1992

nickname Asy

also plays guitar and tenor sax

Chloe - percussion

born March 5, 1994

Maya - bass

born 1996

Scout, 3

dad Mike "Bubba" a medical researcher

mom Maria, a paediatrician

black lab Loni

white cat Yoshen

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Smoosh live video at Capitol Hill Block Party, July 24, 2004 on Pattern 25 Records

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Orange County Weekly, May 24, 2004, "Music: Awe Yeah!"

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"Sonic Reducer - Babes in Playland," Kimberly Chun article at San Francisco Bay Guardian

Seattle Weekly, August 4-10, 2004, Andrew Bonazelli article "Best Schoolhouse Rock"

Seattle Times, May 9, 2003, Tom Scanlon article "Sugar and spice and killer pop instincts"

Seattle Times, June 20, 2003, Young Chang article "All eyes on freewheeling Fremont Fair, with funky cars, music and more"

Seattle Times, January 2, 2004, Tom Scanlon article "2004 may be the year of female-band domination"

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the Stranger July 22-28, 2004, Sean Nels article "THIS IS THE BAND Smoosh Can Go Anywhere They Want, Yo"

Miami Herald, March 15, 2005, Ron Harris article "Seattle's Smoosh shows true 'girl power'"

Village Voice, March 17, 2005, Amy Phillips article "SXSW Night Falls on Austin - Night 1 Wrap-Up"

Denton Record-Chronicle, March 17, 2005, Mariel Tam article "Musical spillover from down south"

Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 19, 2005, John Soeder article "Old pros, fresh faces strut stuff at music fest"

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