Kazuko Shiraishi

born 1931 Vancouver, B.C.

moved with her family to Japan 1938

father a journalist and exporter

graduated Waseda University



friend, collaborator and translator of Allen Ginsberg

friend of Kenneth Rexroth

Seasons of Sacred Lust edited and introduced by Kenneth Rexroth, New Directions, 1978

The Town Where Eggs Are Falling

Let Those Who Appear translated by Samuel Grolmes and Yumiko Tsumura, New Directions, 2002

Vancouver Poetry, edited by Allan Safarik, 1986

Iowa Review Spring/Summer, 1976, "The Orient in Me"

Saturday Night, June, 1987, article by Doug Fetherling, "Following the Beats"

Third Rail, Volume 5, 1982, article by Doren Robbins and Uri Hertz, "Kazuko Shiraishi"

Rivers' Stepping Stones August 22, 2000

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with her friend Michiyo Yagi

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