Phil Relnick

"This is your practice. Take responsibility for the practice."

born New York 1938

married Nobuko (powerful kenshi/potter/flower arranger)

--"The basic principle of Japanese flower arrangement is subtraction," she said. "If something is too busy, people lose their focal point. Maybe because Japan is a small place, we are attracted to the possibilities of emptiness."

three children

friend of Quentin Chambers, Terry Dobson, Donn Draeger

Shinto Muso Ryu -- Phil Relnick Sensei

Tenshinsho-den Katori Shinto Ryu Kobujustsu -- Phil Relnick Sensei

--Isshin Ryu Kusaragama Jutsu -- Phil Relnick Sensei

--Shinto Muso Ryu

Jiyushinkan, Tempe, Arizona, Shinto Muso Ryu -- Phil Relnick Sensei

history of the Shinto Muso Ryu

Phil Relnick bio in Aiki Forum

"What is Zanshin?"

Shinto Muso Ryu at the Jiyushinkan

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