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Subject: [KCUTS] Honouring Press Gang Authors

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Hello everyone,

As you may know, Press Gang Publishers went bankrupt last year after
thirty years of publishing quality books that made an enormous
contribution to feminist literary and social justice movements. On
May 24, 2003, at the Honouring Press Gang Authors' Benefit, the
Vancouver feminist literary community gathered for readings and a
silent auction that raised about $5000 for four of the authors who
are owed the most royalties (our goal is to raise $7,500). These
four writers are Lee Maracle, Chrystos, Karen X.Tulchinsky, and Ivan

We were truly heartened and moved by the strong community support
that came out that evening, which was sold out. So many people came
that a number of the authors ended up reading outside on the street
to the crowds who were waiting around outside, hoping to get in. It
was a night to remember.

Some people have asked if they can still send in cheques and we are
happy to respond with a big YES. If you know someone who wants to
support these Press Gang authors with a donation, please have them
send a cheque.

The cheque should be addressed to:
Honouring Press Gang Authors, Box 45054, Ocean Park, RPO, Surrey, 

We will be accepting donations UNTIL JUNE 30, 2003, at which point
we will close the account and send the proceeds raised to the

Make a difference! This fundrasing effort has been organized by
former Press Gang authors who believe that it is not acceptable for
authors to lose thousands of dollars in royalties.

We'd be grateful for your support to raise the remaining $2,500 of
lost royalties for these authors.

Warm regards,
Betsy Warland and Rita Wong


We also want to thank the many, many community donors and volunteers
who made the evening and the silent auction such a success,
including but not limited to: the Writers' Union of Canada, the
Western Front, the Canada Council for the Arts, Cease Wyss, Jen Lam,
Janine Fuller, Nadine Wu, Little Sister's Bookstore, Arlene Pare,
Nancy Pollak, Sheila Norgate, Louise Hager, Women in Print
Bookstore, Ivana Vukov, Donna Lee, Terra Poirier, Meera Shah,
Laiwan, Agnes Huang, Shauna Paull, Mona Fertig, (m)Other Tongue
Press, Michelle Benjamin, Raincoast Books, Linda Eng, Maria
Hudspith, the Front, the Columbia Journal, Federation of BC Writers,
Xtra West, the Republic, the Westender, Uprising Breads, Magpie
News, Kate Braid, Hiromi Goto, Roy Miki, barb findlay, Louie
Ettling, Duthie Books, People's Co-op Bookstore, Daphne Marlatt,
Karen X. Tulchinsky, Arsenal Pulp Press, Lydia Kwa, Cathy
Stonehouse, Barbara Pulling, Geist Magazine, Cynthia Flood, Liliana
Kleiner, Betty Cunin, Milieu Press, SFU Writing and Publishing,
Jeannie Lochrie, Banzai Hair Salon, Bridget McKenzie, Sepira Women's
Health Clinic, Colourbox, Mary Anne Pare, Dutch Girl Chocolates, the
Vancouver Pen Shop, Bike Doctor, Flygirl, Christine Hwang, Karen
Scarfe, Skai Fowler, Diane Kemble, Wendy Oberlander, Chrystos, Eve
Corbeil, Sue Stewart, Stephen Osborne, Peter Pare, Sarah Knoebber,
Elf Stainsby and AUCE, Mandelbrot, Dorothy Elias, Pacific
Cinematheque, Liliget Feast House, Foundation Restaurant, Sacred
Heart Tattoo, Jazz Festival, Havana Restaurant, Vancouver Folk
Festival, Sylvia Hotel, Fifth Avenue Cinema, Buchan Hotel, Joji's
Hair Salon, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Full Bloom Flowers,
Mighty Riders, Jenny Ma, Lee Maracle, SKY Lee, Nancy Richler, Sheila
Baxter, Marusya Bociurkiw, Ivan Coyote, derek beaulieu, Janet Neigh,
Grandview Bowling Lanes, and many more. What amazing community
support everyone has shown! Hearty thanks all around.

"S/he who fears not the death of a thousand cuts will dare to 
unhorse the emperor." - Ancient Chinese proverb

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