Yurie Nagashima

b. 1973, Tokyo, Japan

1995 graduate of Musashino Art University in visual communication design

won the Parco Award at the Urbanart #2 contest in 1993 for her nude family portraits which drew much attention

1997, moved to the US to study and to escape media attention

graduate of California Institute of the Arts, May 1999, MFA in photography

returned to Japan after three years in the US


currently lives in Japan

exhibited photos of her live-in boyfriend (whom she later married) for the "Private Room II" exhibition at Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture) in spring 1999

December 2000, exhibited Pastime Paradise (from her latest photo book) at SCAI The Bathhouse in Tokyo.

the excellent retrospective Pastime Paradise was published in December 2000, showing all her major work over the years including her famous family nudes; this book also won her the 26th Kimura Ihee Award (jointly with HIROMIX and NINAGAWA Mika) for 2000

Yurie Nagashima is a Japanese photographer. She lives in Saitama, close to Tokyo. Her pictures are mostly snapshots of her friends as well as self-portraits. She is very much into music (Bikini Kill, L7, Butthole Surfers, etc.). She says: "I'm not really interested in the obsession Japanese male photographers have with taking pictures of teenage girls and their panties. It seems to me they don't know what's really exciting. Some of my self- portraits look similar, but they're completely different. Theirs is about sexual appetite, while mine are about delusions." quoted in Momus Livejournal 2004/01/29

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