Haruki Murakami

b. January 12, 1949 in Kyoto

moved to Ashiya City, Hyogo-ken, at age one

brought up in Kobe


entered Waseda University in 1968 as a theatre arts major, Literature Department, degree in Classical Drama

opened a jazz bar in Kokubunji, Tokyo

in April of 1974, sipping his beer and watching a baseball match, he suddenly decided to write his first novel

His first novel, Hear The Wind Sing, published in 1979, won him the Gunzou Literature Prize for budding writers. This novel, together with Pinball 1973 (1980) and The Wild Sheep Chase (1982), which got him the Noma Literary Prize For New Writers, are named as The Trilogy Of The Rat.

writer in residence, Princeton University

His Office Address (As of June, 2001): Haruki Murakami Office, Minami Aoyama 4-17-35-6E, Minato-ku, Tokyo Zip Code 107-0062

Hear the Wind Sing (Obtainable in Japan) Kodansha International
(Kodansha Eigo Bunko) 1987/02 1997/04 1979/06

Pinball 1973 (Very hard to find) Kodansha International 
(Kodansha Eigo Bunko) 1985/09 1997/04 1980/07

A Wild Sheep Chase Vintage Books 2002/04 1982/10

Norwegian Wood Vintage Books 2000/09 1987/09

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Vintage Books
1993/03 1985/06

The Elephant Vanishes Vintage Books 1994/07 ?

Dance, Dance, Dance: A Novel Vintage Books 1995/02 1988/10

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Vintage Books 1998/09 1994/04 1995/08
South of the Border, West of the Sun Vintage Books 2000/03 

Underground Vintage Books 2001/04 1997/03 

Sputnik Sweetheart: A Novel Vintage Books 2002/04 1999/04

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