Mary Anne Mohanraj

b. July 26, 1971 Sri Lanka

grew up in New Britain, Connecticut, attended Miss Porter's high school

AB English, University of Chicaco 1993

moved to Bay Area 1996

attended Clarion West 1997 in Seattle

MFA in writing, Mills College, May 1998

teacher at Salt Lake Community College

PhD in fiction/literature, University of Utah, December 2004

in 2001 received the Scowcroft Prize for Fiction and a Neff fellowship; in 2002 received a Steffenson-Canon fellowship

currently serves on the 2002 Tiptree Award and the 2002 Independent E-book Award juries

currently living in Chicago's Greektown

visiting professor at Roosevelt University

dissertation novel, BODIES IN MOTION (HarperCollins, July 2005)

currently writing a follow-up novel to BODIES IN MOTION, tentatively titled THE ARRANGEMENT (forthcoming HarperCollins Spring 2006)

Mary Anne Mohanraj

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