Maki Miyashita

born 1975 or 1978 in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan

Kyoto College of Art, A.A. film study, 1996

first became interested in photography while working a part time job at a film processing lab in Kyoto

after graduation worked at Kozo studios in Kyoto as a commercial photographer while continuing to persue her interest in documentary photography

in 2001 received a grant from the Japanese government's International Cultural Exchange program allowing her to travel to New York for a year to work and study photography

while living in New York attended the School of Visual Arts and New School

Solo Exhibitions: 
2002 Japanese Belly Dancer, Takapla 6F Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan 
2002 Sweet Smell, Nadar, Osaka, Japan 
2001 Hurdle Gallery Prints, Kyoto, Japan 
2000 Live Under the Same Roof, Mole, Tokyo, Japan 
1999 Rooms and Underwear, White Gallery, Kagoshima, Japan 
          Rooms and Underwear, GalleryPrints, Kyoto, Japan 
1998 Rooms and Underwear, Guardian Garden, Tokyo, Japan 

Selected Group Exhibitions: 
2002 Asian Coments Copenhagen, Denmark 
2001-2002 Swedish Traveling Exhibition Illusion Rikustallningar, Sweden 
2001 Hurdle Photographs by Tabaimo, Maki Miyashita, Ichihara Hiroko 
          Produced by Kyoto, College of Art, Sougetu, Tokyo, Japan 
1999 Mito Annual '99 PRIVATE ROOM II - Photographs by a New Generation 
          of Women in Japan 
          Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Mito, Japan 
1998 Super Hitotsubo (3.33) Exhibition, Guardian Garden, Tokyo, Japan 
1997 Young Japanese Photographers 9 in Nara, Nara, Japan 
1996 Young Japanese Photographers 6 in Sapporo, Sapporo, Japan 

2000 Nama Iki VOICE, Kagoshima TV 
1999 Mirai Mon (Person in the Future), TV Tokyo, Review on Asahi Evening News 
          Photos and articles in magazines such as ASIA WEEK, OLIVE and AnAn 
1998 Mirai Choryu (Future Current), NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) 
          Message, Tokyo Broadcasting System 
          Photos and articles in magazines such as Asahi Camera, Pia and Gendan 

2000 Rooms and Underwear, Shogakukan 

2001-2002 Elected Artist , Japanese Government Program International Cultural Exchange 
1998 Nomination, Canon 18th New Cosmos of Photography 
1997 Grand Prix, Competition for 10th Hitotsubo (3.33) Exhibition 


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