Yukio Mishima

real name: Kimitake Hiraoka

posthumous Buddhist name: Shobuin Bunkan Koi Koji [Buddhist Lay Spirit of Literature and Martial Arts, Mirror of Culture, Kimitake]

born January 14, 1925, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo

died November 25, 1970, Ichigaya Headquarters, Tokyo

entered Tokyo Imperial University 1943

graduated in law 1947

married Yoko Sugiyama, May 30, 1958, formal ceremony June 11 at International Cultural Hall in Azabu, Tokyo (Yoko Sugiyama, 19, was daughter of famous traditional painter Nei Sugiyama; Yasunari Kawabata served as matchmaker)

June 1958 began Kendo under Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Masami Yoshikawa, assistant instructor, Higashi Chofu Police Station

December 1958 practicing Kendo in the basement exercise hall of Daiichi Seimei under Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Takayuki Yamamoto

August 1959 resumed receiving instruction in Kendo under Yoshikawa Sensei

April 1961 Kendo Shodan

March 1963 Kendo 2nd Dan

November 1965 began Iaido at Himonya Police Station in Meguro

January 1966 took part in Kendo Friendship Competition with Councilors in the House of Councilors Training Hall

March 1966 Mishima entered the Sainei-kan Training Hall within the Imperial Palace grounds to study Kendo and Iaido under Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan Masami Matsunaga

May 1966 Kendo 4th Dan

August 1966 in Kumamoto met Seishi Araki, editor-in-chief of Nihon Dangi, from whom learned about the deeds and final resting places of the samurai involved in the Shinpuren Incident of 1877; while there, received Kendo lessons in the Ryujo-kan Training Hall

February 1967 Iaido Shodan

August 1968 Kendo 5th Dan

April 5, 1970 participated in the 1st World Kendo Championships, Nippon Budokan, Tokyo

died by seppuku November 25, 1970, Ichigaya Headquarters of the Eastern Army, Tokyo, along with Masakatsu Morita; kaishaku: Hiroyasu Koga ("Furu-Koga"); members of his Tate no Kai

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