Milt Jackson

full name Milton Jackson

b. January 1, 1923, Detroit, Michigan

d. October 9, 1999, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan

had perfect pitch

began teaching himself guitar at the age of 7, started piano lessons at 11 and in high school played five instruments: drums, tympani, violin, guitar and xylophone

sang in the choir

by age 16, he had picked up the vibraphone, encouraged by a music teacher, and sang tenor in a popular gospel quartet called the Evangelist Singers

also by age 16 had begun his jazz career, playing vibraphone with Clarence Ringo and the George E. Lee band




also pianist, guitarist, violinist percussionist and singer

colleague of Ray Brown, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Percy Heath, Earl Hines, Connie Kay, John Lewis, Thelonius Sphere Monk, Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson

MJQ - Modern Jazz Quartet 1951-1999

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