Magdalen Hsu-Li

Chinese-American music artist, painter, poet, and speaker

born Martinsville, Virginia 1970

childhood name Rochelle

parents Dr. and Mrs. George Tze-Ching Li emigrated from China in the 1960's

brother Eric (two years older) lives in Silicon Valley

sister Lillian passed away

Rhode Island School of Design, BFA winning the Gay and Lesbian American Music Award for in Painting 1992

moved to Seattle 1992

studied jazz and classica music at Cornish School of the Arts

has studied with Brazilian jazz pianist Jovino Santos Neto, guitarist Tim Young, vocalist Thomasa Eckert, and pianist Barbara Higbie

founded ChickPop Records, 1997

Chicago Institute of the Arts Oxbow Fellowship 1990

Talbot Rantoul Scholarship 1990

Florence Leif Scholarship For Excellence In Painting 1992

Cornish Music Scholarship 1995

founded Femme Vitale, The Seattle Women's Music and Arts Coalition, 1997

debut CD, Muscle and Bone, on her own label CHICKPOP Records 1997

second CD, Evolution, with song "Monkey Girl" winning the Gay and Lesbian American Music Award for "Best Out Song" 1998

third CD, Fire, Performing Songwriters "12 Best Independent Releases of the Year" 2003

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