Larissa Lai

born September 13, 1967 La Jolla, California

father Tyrone Lai - a university professor

mother Yuen-Ting Tsui - an independent scholar

grew up in Saint John's, Newfoundland

lived and worked in Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver for many years as an activist researcher, writer, organizer and editor

BA (Honours) in Sociology, University of British Columbia, 1990

MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England

currently working on a PhD at the University of Calgary

contributor, Yellow Peril: Reconsidered, Vancouver: On Edge Productions, 1990

When Fox Is a Thousand, Vancouver: Press Gang Publishers, 1995

contributor, Bringing It Home: Women Talk about Feminism in Their Lives, Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1996.

Salt Fish Girl, Thomas Allen Publishers, September 2002

poetry and prose have appeared in numerous publications such as Asian American Journal, Capilano Review, Harbour: Magazine of Art and Everyday Life, Fuse, Kinesis, West Coast Line, Room of One's Own, Rungh, and the anthologies Pearls of Passion, Eye Wuz Here, Into the Fire: Asian American Prose, and Many-Mouthed Birds

numerous readings, talks and workshops across North America including UCLA, Stanford, McGill, The University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University

numerous awards and honors, including Canada Council and Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada 1993, Canada Council Grant 1994, Astraea Foundation Emerging Writers Award 1995, British Columbia Cultural Services Branch Grant 1996, and Cultures and Heritage Canada Award 1996.

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