Paul Horiuchi

Chikamasa Paul Horiuchi

painter - one of the Northwest School masters

born April 12, 1906, Oishi, Yamanishi Prefecture, on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, near Mount Fuji

died August 1999, Seattle

father Daisaku Horiuchi, a Kabuki singer and cabinetmaker

mother Yasu Kamakura

grandfather Tokutaro Horiuchi, a connoisseur of antiques

elder brother Toshimasa Tom Horiuchi

married Bernadette Suda June 11, 1935 at Maryknoll Church, Seattle

sons Paul Jr., born April 22, 1936, Jon, born July 8, 1938, and Vincent, named in honor of artist Vincent van Gogh, born October 17, 1947

studied painting under Iketani

immigrated to the United States 1921

moved to Seattle 1946

close friend of Zen master/Seattle Kendo Kai chief instructor Tamotsu Takizaki

close friend of John Matsudaira, Kenjiro Nomura, Mark Tobey, George Tsutakawa, and other classic masters of the Northwest School

owned Tozai antique shop

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