Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo

born in Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawai'i, grew up on the North Shore

she is Hawai'ian-Filipino

University of Hawai'i Manoa, BA in English

has lived in Europe and California

moved to Seattle for a month and wrote all kinds of poems (for example see "At the Corner" below) and visited the grave of Jimi Hendrix

likes Ferlinghetti

is a fan of Lucille Clifton, an endless list of other poets, and singer Etta James

received a 1995 Intro Award in Poetry from the Associated Writing Programs, as well as a Myrle Clark Creative Writing Award and Hemingway Award from the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Her work has appeared in various publications; her chapbook 4-evaz, Anna was published by Tinfish Networks and is now in its third edition. Has also lived in Europe and California. She has worked in several occupations, including writer, editor, and private investigator. Winner of the 1998 Elliot Cades Award for emerging writers continues to impress audiences with her evocative, emotional readings.

currently at work on a novel and a book of short stories

Kathy Dee Kaleokealoha Kaloloahilani Banggo - Encompassing Seas

try listen her

"6 Days, Three Cities: Letters Home to the Islands," in Chain 6,

"At the Corner," Intersecting Circles, Honolulu: Bamboo Ridge Press, 1999, pages 66-67

in Stuffs

"Hapa writers share experience in Intersecting Circles reading," by Krystal Sakata. Kapi'o Online, 4/4/2000

"Amnesia," TinFish, no. 1, 1995.

"Try listen," TinFish, no. 5, September 1997

"Surfing alone at Silver Stairs," TinFish, no. 7, November 1998.


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