Kathie Kelly photo

Kathryn A. Kelly

Senior Principal Oceanographer
Air-Sea Interaction and Remote Sensing (AIRS) Department
Applied Physics Laboratory
Benjamin Hall Interdisciplinary Research Building

Affiliate Professor, School of Oceanography
University of Washington, Seattle, WA

UW Today news summary:

Atlantic Oceanís slowdown tied to changes in the Southern Hemisphere

Research in the Atlantic sponsored by
NASA Ocean Surface Topography Science Team:

Impact of AMOC Slowdown on Heat and Freshwater Transports (2016)

Coherence and Impact of Meridional Heat Transport Anomalies (2014)

MHT at 35S & Agulhas Leakage

The volume transport (Sv) of the "Agulhas Leakage" (AL) was estimated
on altimeter tracks (top left) as the net westward flow (schematic, top right).
AL heat transport (bottom panel, red), derived from volume transport using
a coefficient from South Atlantic XBT lines, is significantly correlated
with meridional heat transport (PW) at 35S (bottom panel, blue) suggesting
that Agulhas supplies the heat transport anomalies to the Atlantic
overturning circulation.