Notes on PyModel

PyModel is an open-source model-based testing framework in Python.

The notes directory contains some of the PyModel documentation. See also the README files in each directory, the slides and papers in the talks directory, and the web pages in the www directory.

These are the files in the notes directory, in a recommended
reading order:

  • concepts and vocabulary

  • commands.txt: PyModel commands and how to use them. Also,
    pma.txt, pmg.txt, pmt.txt, and pmv.txt on each command.

  • samples.txt: where to find the samples and how to run them. See also
    the README in the samples directory and in each sample subdirectory.

  • models.txt: how to write and use model programs, FSMs, and test suites

  • composition.txt: how and why to use composition to combine models

  • strategy.txt: how to select or write an optional strategy to guide test runs

  • stepper.txt: how to write the test harness needed to test an implementation

  • test.txt: how to script and run tests on the PyModel software itself

  • advice.txt: miscellaneous tips and advice

  • socket_experiments.txt: steppers and other files in the socket sample that
    are not discussed in its README

  • releases.txt: release history

  • release-0.85.txt: release notes

  • release-0.9.txt: release notes

  • release-1.0.txt: release notes

Revised May 2013