Technical Description of the Clinical Neutron Therapy System

Ruedi Risler and Jonathan Jacky

December 1990
(revised March, 1991)


The Clinical Neutron Therapy System (CNTS) at the University of Washington is a computer controlled cyclotron and neutron therapy treatment facility. It provides proton beams which are used to produce fast neutrons for cancer treatments, and proton as well as other charged particle beams for medical radionuclide production and for experiments in medical physics and radiobiology. The facility has been in operation since 1984.

The major components of the CNTS system are a Scanditronix MC50 cyclotron, an isocentrically mounted neutron beam generator, a fixed horizontal beam neutron generator, an isotope production station, beam transport system, beam diagnostics, hard wired safety system, vacuum and cooling systems and computer control system. A more detailed description of the control system is found in Technical Report 90-12-01.

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