` CNTS Operations manual

Clinical Neutron Therapy System
Installation and Operations
TR 99-08-01

Jonathan Jacky

August 1999 (revised Nov 2002)


This document is the installation and operations manual for the Clinical Neutron Therapy System (CNTS), intended for cyclotron engineering staff and computer system administrators. This manual describes the hardware, system software, and network required by CNTS, shows how to install and configure it, and explains how to revise the configuration to accommodate changes in the department's computing facilities. It discusses operations including startup and shutdown, troubleshooting and recovery procedures. It discusses all the control program configuration files, command files, executable program files and data files, describing their names, locations, ownership, protections, formats, contents, and use. It explains how the therapy control program interacts with the treatment planning program and the prescription viewer/archiver. It also discusses security issues.

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