Susan Astley

Susan Astley is a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington and is the Director of the Washington State FAS Diagnostic & Prevention Network.

Dr. Astley has conducted laboratory, clinical, and public health research in the field of FASD since 1981 and has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles. Current work has been in the development and implementation of FASD diagnostic, screening, surveillance and prevention tools and programs. This work includes the development of the FASD 4-Digit Diagnostic Code and FAS Facial Photographic Analysis Software; establishment of the WA State FAS Diagnostic and Prevention Network of clinics and Foster Care FAS Screening Program, establishment of the FAS DPN multidisciplinary clinical training program and online training course, and publication of a lifetime sociodemographic profile of 80 birthmothers of children with FAS. She is currently conducting research on the FASD diagnostic utility of MRI, MR-spectroscopy and functional MRI. She is also engaged in research testing the effectiveness of two interventions for children with prenatal alcohol damage. Her most recent publication documents Washington State’s success in preventing FAS through reduction of maternal alcohol use during pregnancy. This is being achieved through statewide education, diagnostic and prevention efforts.