A Hannah Family of West Virginia

by Wayne and Maureen (Dorcy) Hannah

Copyright 2000. Wayne and Maureen (Dorcy) Hannah
All Rights Reserved
Published by the authors

The authors hereby give permission to reproduce any portion of this book for noncommercial
purposes, as long as complete reference to this document is given.



COVER and FRONT MATTER (including copyright and sketch of Sorbie Tower)




PREFACE (with sketch of Hannay Coat of Arms)


CHAPTER 1: Ancient History of the Hannahs

The Earliest Hannahs

The Coat of Arms of Hannay of Sorbie

The Clan Hannay Society

Sorbie Tower

The Feud with the Murrays

A Poet

Men of the Cloth

Janet Geddes' Prayer Stool

The Ship Nancyand Captain Hannah


CHAPTER 2:  The People Called Scotch-Irish


CHAPTER 3: Robert C  Hannah Pedigree Chart


CHAPTER 4: First Generation - Joseph Hannah and Anna


CHAPTER 5:  Second Generation - David Hannah,  Sr.  and Elizabeth

Elizabeth Gibson


CHAPTER 6: Third Generation - David Hannah & Margaret Burnside


CHAPTER 7: Fourth Generation  - David Hannah and Sarah McClure


CHAPTER 8: Fifth Generation - Joseph R. Hannah and Nancy Jane Woolsey


CHAPTER 9: Sixth Generation - Robert C. Hannah and Ethel May Johnson


CHAPTER 10: The Burnside and Mayes Families




CHAPTER 11: The Walker Family


CHAPTER 12: The  McC l u r e Family


CHAPTER 13: The Woolsey Family

Nancy Jane Woolsey

The Woolsey Family in America

The Osborne Family

The Livingston Family

The Murder of Rebecca (Briggs) Cornell

Cornell University



Descendancy Charts

Family Group Sheets




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