MIST-ER PRT Update page. December '07

 by Ollie Mikosza (MIST-ER)   olmiko@wp.pl

 The President of Opole and entire City Council, have all supported the idea and have given permission to build a trial line, then full city-wide system. This may be first time in a 1000 years of Polish nationhood, that ANY democratically elected body has voted yes unanimously, without abstentions (see letter below).

So this is a good sign for PRT and MIST-ER in particular

 Opole, has a population of  150,000 people and is located in southern Poland. It is an  ideal site for a PRT system demonstration and application..

The City will not give any money for its development, as they could be accused of risking public money. It will be less problematic and quicker to find private equity. We will GIVE the city some share in the business,  to ensure that they get some credit  for its success. There is plenty of money to be made, so we don't mind sharing  it with the city which has made it possible. And we are talking about ride costs on a par with the current (inefficient and subsidized) bus system, where a ticket costs $1 per ride !

The 5 million development cost I mentioned ( EUROs, not $$) is only a quarter of what it will take to build this trial system. The remaining 75% will come from EU sources. There are many EU programs which support infrastructure and technology projects. It will not be easy, but I know that we will be able to get the funding. This is why I am looking only for 5 million from private investors. Suggestions are most welcome.

For more details: http://mist-er.com/index-en.htm


Last modified: December 09, 2007