Magplane Technology Status Report - February, 2001

Magplane Pipeline Transport Status Notes
Vehicle Development High  
Guideway High  
Command & Control Software High  
Testing Program High  
Cost Target Very Low Approximately $2M/mile including vehicles and end stations; 24" diameter system
Marketing Program Medium  
Operational System Availability High 5,300 cycles run prior to shut down in November, 2000. Operation upon request


Magplane HiSpeed Commuter Status Notes
Vehicle Development Medium 1/25 scale model run; 6 degree dynamic model
Guideway Medium 1/25 scale model; sophisticated magnetic simulation
Command & Control Software Medium  
Testing Program Low  
Cost Target Medium/High $16M/km for dual guideway including vehicles for 4,000 riders/hr each direction
Marketing Program High  
Operational System Availability Not yet Active plans to construct a full scale prototype and 3 km of guideway over the next 3 years


Last modified: February 08, 2001