Maglev News - 2004

Magplane website offers overview and other new papers, (10/14/04)

Colorado DOT releases huge report on Japanese HSST maglev technology, Executive Summary:
3.5 MB, Final Report: 7.25 MB, Comprehensive Tech Memo: 9.14 MB, (10/3/04)

Article about the General Atomics maglev project, (7/29/04)

Link to website for Munich Maglev Project (English version now available), (4/28/04)

Maglev 2004 - 18th International Conference on Magnetic Levitation and Linear Motors,
Shanghai, China, October 25-28, 2004, 125 papers from 13 countries, (4/14/04)

Magtube, Inc. - a California company that is working on an evacuated tube, maglev
concept for moving freight, (2/27/04)

    Maglev News - 2003

Evacuated Tube Transit working with Chinese high temperature superconducting
maglev group
at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China (11/23/03)

New photos of Tobu Maglev line, now under construction in Japan, (10/24/03)

Improved High Speed Surface Transport (HSST) website, includes English
, (7/26/03)

General Atomics to begin Phase 2 of Urban Maglev project, (7/19/03)

Link to a paper that compares Transrapid Maglev and JetTrain high-speed trains,

Link to German maglev website - content mostly in German but includes
summary in English and may pictures from Germany, China and Japan, (1/30/03)

Link to information from Magnemotion on their Urban Maglev project, 39 pp.(1/8/03)

Maglev News - 2002

Chinese Maglev train to begin service January 1, 2003 (12/8/02)

How Station Spacing Affects Average Speed on a High Speed Rail/Maglev Line, (7/29/02)

New maglev concept called Interstate Traveler, (7/25/02)

Maglev Newsfeed from Trafficlinq , (7/23/02)

Description of Operation Control System for the Transrapid maglev system (6/19/02)

Photo of American Maglev vehicle being placed on guideway at Old Dominion University (6/14/02)

Link to the new Magna-Force website that describes their LEVX technolgy being developed in Washington State (6/10/02)

Chronology of maglev activity in Germany (6/1/02)

MegaRail Transportation Systems awarded patent for maglev version of their technology (5/14/02)

World's first magplane project moves forward in China (5/3/02)

Report (59 pp) on low speed maglev technology development program by General Atomics published and is now available on-line as a large (1.3 megabyte) pdf file (4/29/02)

New website for the Modern Transport Systems Corporation of California, (3/1/02)

New website for Transrapid-USA (2/15/02)

Progress report on Transrapid Maglev Construction in Shanghai, (2/8/02)

Urban Maglev Interest Group (1/4/02)

    Maglev News - 2001 and before

Link to the website for the Personal Electric Rapid System (PERTS) being developed at
the Center for Rapid Transit Systems at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, located in
Blacksburg, VA. It is a dualmode maglev concept that utilizes pallets for transporting
conventional autos. (12/19/01)

Article entited Magnetic Attraction: High Speed Trains, Christian Science Monitor, 12/13/01

Website for American Maglev now available 

Maglev2000 website now up and running

Magnemotion Receives Award from the U.S. Department of Transportation for Urban
Maglev Transit Technology Research Project

Comments by Drs. James Powell and Gordon Danby of Maglev 2000 of Florida

6th International Symposium on Magnetic Suspension Technology, Turin, Italy, October, 2001

Progress report on urban maglev (low speed) project from General Atomics in San Diego

Link to the California Maglev Project

High Speed Ground Transportation Initiative Passes in Florida, November, 2000.
Maglev included as a candidate technology.

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