Downtown Locations Reachable in 5 or 10 minutes from Bellevue's City Hall

Unlike many cities, the Bellevue City Hall is not located in the center of the downtown. It was located in the SE corner because land was available there at an attractive price when the decision was made to build it. This display shows (in red color) all of the guideway segments and demand locations that can be reached within 5 minutes starting from the Bellevue City Hall. These travel times represent the sum of walking and riding the PRT in most cases. However, some of these tripsare walk-only trips as use of the PRT is not possible or would take longer than walking. Due to its remote location, one can see that little of the downtown can be reached in this time interval. The next display shows those parts of the downtown that can be reached within 10 minutes and one can see that it is much more extensive. Not shown is the display for the 15 minute travel interval as the entire downtown area can be covered by walking and/or riding the PRT within this time interval.

locations reachable
within 5 minutes from City Hall

locations reachable
within 10 minutes from city hall

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Last modified: August 14, 2002