Current PRT and Related Systems Development Efforts

Current PRT and Related Systems Development Efforts

This page represents an initial effort to document the many development efforts underway all over the world and, as such, is incomplete. Please use the Suggestion Box to make us aware of organizations or projects not listed here so that we may include them. Thanks!

PRT Development Efforts

PRT planning and development efforts in the United States and elsewhere in the world at summarized at the PRT Quicklinks page.  The PRT 2000 project that was underway at the Raytheon Company was terminated in late 2000.

The TAXI 2000 Corporation was formed in the early 1990s by John Edward Anderson as a consulting firm offering specialized services in the planning, layout and simulation of PRT systems. This firm is developing their TAXI 2000 system concept, based on the results of many years of study and refinement by Dr. Anderson. The firm provides independent PRT planning services for interested agencies and groups.

The Raytheon Company, a large defense company expanding into the transportation systems market, purchased the rights to the TAXI 2000 technology in 1993. Based upon internal company studies as well on-going consultation with the TAXI 2000 Corporation, Raytheon engineers refined the system concept. It was called PRT 2000. Raytheon developed a PRT 2000 test track and produced three vehicles which were up and running in 1995 in Marlborough, Massachussetts. This development and testing activity was Phase II of a joint project with the Northeastern Illinois Regional Transportation Authority. Phase III would have involved the construction and operation of a small PRT 2000 system in Rosemont, Illinois, a suburb located near O'Hare International Airport. Unfortunately, Raytheon terminated the PRT 2000 project and Phase III was not ever started.

Dualmode Development Efforts

Dual-mode transportation systems are defined here as systems having vehicles capable of both automatic and manual operation. In addition, concepts listed below contain one or more elements of PRT systems, such as the use of fixed guideways for the automated portion of the trip.

The Rapid Urban Flexible (RUF) system is one such concept currently under development in Denmark. It utilizes small and medium sized electric vehicles that can be operated on a conventional roadway system as well as on an automated rail system. The concept was invented by Palle R. Jensen and is currently being developed by RUF-International of Denmark. The organization is hoping to obtain funding to build a test track sometime in the near future. In the U.S., the most active dualmode effort is that of MegaRail. Other dualmode concepts that are being work on around the world are described at the Dualmode Quicklinks page.

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