February 14, 2005


News Release


J. Edward Anderson, Ph.D., PE, is pleased to announce the formation of a new international company to carry forward planning, design and development of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) systems.  Dr. Anderson is joined in PRT International, LLC by recognized leaders in business, engineering, technology, finance and large project development.

As the world’s leading expert in PRT, Dr. Anderson will be a featured speaker at the Urban Transport 2005 Conference be held in Algarve, Portugal on April 12-14, 2005. 

PRT International, LLC provides optimized personal rapid transit (PRT) technologies that will have remarkable benefits for urban residents everywhere. These systems feature a combination of low cost and attractiveness to riders that enables them to be built and operated in many applications with little or no public subsidy.  They possess a combination of small land use, low trip time, no direct air pollution, low noise, a high level of safety and reliability, and 24/7 personal service that makes possible livable, high-density urban developments.   Thus, these systems can contribute to reduction of urban sprawl. The low cost and small size means that these systems can be deployed much more widely than conventional transit systems in the vast existing low- and medium-density areas of cities.  PRT is the next logical step in the evolution of urban transport.  It is the essential means for solving a wide range of pressing urban problems for the benefit of urban society everywhere.  Dr. Anderson’s system is the world’s leading PRT system and has won competitions in Chicago, Cincinnati, and SeaTac. 

Following receipt of a grant from the University of Minnesota’s Patent and Technology Transfer Office to begin development of the technology, Dr. Anderson formed Automated Transportation Systems, Inc., which was later renamed Taxi 2000 Corporation.  Following Dr. Anderson’s resignation from Taxi 2000 in January 2005, he is now able to continue the development of advanced personal rapid transit technologies for worldwide applications.

PRT International, LLC is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based company committed to the development of PRT technologies and urban transportation solutions.

For further information, please contact:

J. Edward Anderson, Ph.D., PE
PRT International, LLC
5164 Rainier Pass NE
Fridley, MN  55421 USA

Telephone:  763-586-0877

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February 13, 2005