WASHINGTON: 1980 Type Set

The goal of this collecting project is to obtain one of each different type of license plate that was issued in Washington for use during 1980, which is the year I was born. There exist no fewer than 38 different kinds of 1980 Washington license plates, of which 33 are represented in the photographs below. The following items are needed to complete this collection:

Passenger Sample

Passenger, Island Co.



Travel Trailer

Farm Truck

Disabled Person

Amateur Radio

Fleet Vehicle (on a Diesel Truck plate)


Vanity, Optional Color




Mobile Home-Travel Trailer Dealer

Hulk Hauler, first half of year

Miscellaneous Dealer


Hulk Hauler, second half of year

Congressional Medal of Honor (first one issued!)

Governor (sample)

Motorcycle, August expiration

Motorcycle dealer

Motorcycle exempt (police motorcycle)

Exempt, City

Exempt, County

Exempt, State Agency

Exempt, Department of Transportation

Exempt, State Motor Pool

Exempt, State Patrol Trooper

Exempt, State Patrol Service Veh. (9000 series)

Prorate Power

Prorate Trailer


Passenger/Truck (Sample)


Farm Truck (Sample)

Farm Truck

Trailer/Travel Trailer

Recreation Vehicle
(Camper, ATV, Snowmobile)

Prorate Power

Prorate Trailer

Motorcycle - April

Motorcycle - May

Motorcycle - July

Motorcycle - August

Motorcycle Stickers (Illustrations)


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