Planning Target Volume Tool

The Planning Target Volume Tool (PTVT) is a Common Lisp function that produces initial and boost radiotherapy planning target volumes, given information about a patient and the patient's tumor.

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Obtaining the source code

PTVT source files are no longer available.

Screen snapshots of PTVT

This is the PTVT Main Panel, the panel that appears when you start the tool. All operations are invoked from the main panel, or from subordinate panels that are themselves invoked from the main panel.

The Critical Structures Menu is an example of a menu of critical structures. The user selects a set of organs from this menu to identify the critical structures in the current patient dataset.

The Immobilization Devices Menu is an example of a menu of devices that hold the patient in position during treatment. The user selects an immobilization device before generating targets.

In the Attribute Editor panel, the user defines a number of tumor attributes that affect the size of the target volume.

If the user chooses to display a view of the patient dataset, he or she must first set a number of view parameters, from the View Parameters panel.

A sample transverse view of the patient dataset is shown in this View Panel.