NCI Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Tools

General Information

The RTPT project was a collaborative working group of three participants, at the University of North Carolina, the University of Washington and Washington University, St. Louis. The material here is about work on the NCI Tools Contract that was done at the University of Washington.

Contract Reports.

Several reports and papers were written for the contract. We recommend reading the ASTRO '93 paper first.

The Planning Target Volume Tool

The Planning Target Volume Tool (PTVT) was developed at UW. Further information is available on acquiring the PTVT tool and supporting documentation.

The UW Foundation Implementation

A Foundation library is required in order to run any Tool from the NCI Tools Contract. At the University of Washington we implemented a C version of the Foundation interface specification and a Common Lisp version. This was done to support tools written in either C or Lisp, both ANSI standard languages and both part of the RTPT standard. The source code for both the C and Lisp implementations is in a gzipped tar file.