MEDED 531: Fall 2001 course information

Check here for homework assignments, course notes, and other hopefully useful stuff.

Tentative lecture topic schedule

The topics we will cover are tentatively scheduled, though we may slip or add or substitute other topics.

Course text

is available at the University Book Store.

Computing resources

The Informatics computing lab of the Biomedical and Health Informatics Graduate Program provides a Linux system with a Common Lisp programming environment. To obtain an account and learn about access, after registering for the course, contact Laurel Rees (, the Informatics Lab Manager.

Lecture slides and notes


Homework assignments are listed here. Unless otherwise noted, homework is due by the beginning of class on the due date.

Solutions to Homework

Solutions will be posted here.

Final Exam with Solutions

The Final Exam together with solutions is available as a PDF file or a Postscript file.

Further reading

The course will not cover anywhere near all the material in any of those books, though someone wanting to go to the next level of depth would have a good basis for proceeding.