Other interests:

I am working on a project about regional hydrological modeling at the University of Washington with Dennis Lettenmaier. This project involves using the latest global and regional climate model results to estimate the future hydrological conditions in the American Northwest. Previously I collaborated with Desirée Tullos on a project about the impact of dam removal on river bed physical traits and insect communities, and with Erkan Istanbulluoglu from the the University of Washington on extensions of the work I started during my PhD. I obtained my PhD and M.Sc. degrees with Rafael Bras at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to that I obtained a civil engineering education at the National University of Mexico.

In broad terms, my research has been centered around geomorphic and hydrologic processes in natural systems at the watershed scale. I am intrested applying knowledge about how natural systems work in sustainable urban development, watershed management and land conservation.