Weighty Matters: The Best of the 1990s Net on Lifting Weights

Weighty Matters is a selective archive of powerlifting and bodybuilding posts from the old misc.fitness and the newer misc.fitness.weights and other Internet chat groups. Maybe you'll find your old posts here?


Advice on competitions, the Big Three Lifts, sample routines, and downloads of powerlifting spreadsheets.


Hard to believe, but I saved posts from the Net about lifting weights begining in 1990. Back then, a chat group such as misc.fitness was a serous place to trade information and advice. Now there is so much trash that I stick pretty much to listserves. In this section, you'll find here an amazing trove of material organized by parts of the body and by lifts.


How to add 20-40 pounds to your bench press, how to stretch, how to spot a fellow lifter, how to break through a plateau, how to breathe, how to make weight, and many more step-by-step guides to lifting.


Tips on motivation, inspiring stories from your fellow lifters, and debates on the best strategies for lifting weights.


Tales from competitors, basic routines and even a list of 30 lies about bodybuilding.


Health, nutrition and fitness are covered in posts that explain soreness, how to lose fat but not muscle, how to deal with colds while lifting, and a LONG series of posts on muscle physiology.


Some of my favorite powerlifting and bodybuilding routines for the beginning, intermediate and advanced lifter.


Belts, knee wraps, bench shirts, bars--advice on what to get and how to use these pieces of equipment. There is even a long section on clothes for men who lift.


Wisdom of the Net on lifting.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on misc.fitness are not necessarily those of the archivist -- me. I take no responsibility for any injuries or harm that may occur from following the advice posted in these archives. Those considering an exercise program should consult with their physician first.
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