USAPL Washington State 2000 Championships

Photo Gallery

Strength On Line Members at the USAPL Wash. St. 2000 Championships April 15, 2000. Left to right, Dean Reese, Shawn Clark, Meet Director Mike Trupiano, and Tom Griffin.


181-Men's Open lifter Shawn Clark squatting 465 pounds. spotting him is Dean Reese.


Shawn deadlifts 460 pounds.


Shawn locks out 460 pounds.


181 Master lifter Tom Griffin's first squat attempt at 265. He finished with 315.


Tom Griffin's 240 bench press. Dean Reese is to the right.


Tom's 375 deadlift. He forgot to take off his glasses just before the lift.


At 275 pounds, Grant Higa squats a huge amount of iron. His best squat was a 810 lift for a new Washington State Record.


Another 275-pound lifter, Kevin Stewart, benches a massive amount. His best bench was 515 pounds. Kevin won the Best Male Lifter Award for the entire meet.


The top 181-pound lifter, Joel Legard, deadlifts a humongous 665 to clinch his division, leaving his closest competitor almost 100 pounds behind.