Weighty Matters: The Best of the Net on Lifting Weights


Bodybuilding Contests

Bodybuilding Loses Affiliation with Olympics--And That May Not Be Bad, a discussion on why the Olympics are better without this sport.

Getting Cut: A No-Nonsense Guide to Nutrition a Week before Your Contest by Thomas Incledon.

First Blood: An Account of One Natural Bodybuilder's First Contests by Rick Silverman, a witty, intelligent look at the bodybuilding scene in 1996. Rick competes in two natural contests and then decides to enter the NPC New England contest at the last moment.

The Second Time Around: The 1996 ANBC Nationals by Rick Silverman, a look at competing a few months later.

The 1997 ANBC Nationals: The Homecoming, a humorous look at Dr. Silverman's return to his hometown to compete in a national, natural bodybuilding contest.

The 1998 ANBC Nationals: "Die Verwandlung", a Kafkaesque experience for Dr. Silverman in the 1998 competition.

Pre-Contest Tips for First Timers, good advice also by Rick Silverman.

More Pre-Contest Tips for Bodybuilders, this time from Calvin Hass.

My Post-Contest Eating Binge, a "true confessions" account by Ron Cecchini after the NPC Massachusetts State Championships of 1996. Pretty hilarious.

A Competitor Critiques the 1996 NPC Nationals by Dr. Rick Silverman, lively account of a trip to Dallas to see his friend Jay Cutler win the heavyweight division but not the overall title.

Golds Gym Classic: A 36-Year-Old Takes the Plunge in His First BB Contest by Jim Nettles.

How to Shave Excess Body Hair... and Justifications for Taking out the Razor

Bodybuilding Routines and Philosophies

Here is a long debate between Mel Siff and Romanian strength coach Tudor Bompa on the correct way to train with weights for other sports.

Looking for a workout partner? A free Internet matching service called buddyup.com will match sports enthusiasts in several U.S. metropolitan areas, including New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, with more to come. Weightlifting is one of the sports they offer.

Can a Bodybuilder Convert to Powerlifting and Be Happy? The Answer may surprise you.

For those who are thinking about bodybuilding, here are several responses to A Call For Help: I Wanna Be a Bodybuilder.

Why Muscle Confusion Is a Crack-Pot Theory by personal trainer "Flexwriter," with some additional comments by others.

Paul Chek 'Disses' the Crunch and explains abdominal physiology while lamenting that "females are some of the most addicted crunchers on the planet."

Beginning Routines for Mass or for Power by Jason Keen, a trainer in Ames, Iowa, who knows what he's talking about.

Chuck Grissom's article on Why Periodization Works including graphs! This one really makes sense.

Hypertrophy and Strength, an analysis of how much mass will contribute to strength and why too much mass will inhibit progress, by Dr. Mel Siff.

30 Lies About Bodybuilding as originally a ppeared in MM2K, thanks to Jack of Australia who posted it to the net so long ago.

Are You Buff or Ripped? A Guide by Charles Staley that might make you smile.

Puffed Up Bodies, a commentary by Dr. Mel Siff on how sad it is to see "an attitude that one's bloated hypertrophy makes you better than the next person."

Fred Hatfield's List of Bodybuilding/Weightlifting Myths

Hatfield on Why Machines Just Don't Work as Well as Lifting from a Platform, a long post with many good points.

Lyle McDonald on Periodization with a Sample Routine

Lyle McDonald's HIT vs Periodization as posted to misc.fitness.weights in 1995. Is the debate finally over?

Here are two files written by Scott Carrell, Secrets for Non-Steroid Muscle Growth, and Tips on Squats and Deadlifts.

Just starting out with a weight-lifting program? Here's some Advice for Beginners From a 50-Year Veteran by the name of John Higgins.

An excellent program for beginners with advice on both aerobics and weight training is this series of posts from 1993 by Lyle McDonald, Lyle's Tips for Beginners, Including Sample Workout.

Another Lyle McDonald post on When and Why to do Negatives

What Scientific Research Says about Muscle Growth by Walt Eddy, a no-nonsense guide to weightlifting for strength and growth.

Assorted Workout Tips and Routines