Images and Animations

Images and animations from simulations are a powerful tool to understand the evolution of complex 3D systems. Our SPH+treecode code GASOLINE allows us to output images of our simulations as they are run. One can put the camera on a set of particles and follow them at multiple angles. The frames are then collated together using "ppmtomeg". We use Imovie for titles. We also show our movies on YouTube

I have more animations than those shown here. If you have seen one you like at some of my talks..feel free to ask. You might get lucky and get a copy.

Recent Talks in pdf format.

  • Review on the Formation of Galaxy Disks. Ensenada March 08
  • Recent Highlights

    The Formation of a Bulgeless Dwarf Galaxy with a shallow Dark Matter Core NEW!

    This simulations follows the formation of a small galaxy. Violent outflows remove low angular momentum gas from the galaxy center, quenching the formation of a stellar bulge. The rapid and repeated loss of baryonic mass and relative binding energy causes the central DM distribution to expand. The results have been presented on Nature. (Video by Melissa Buslach) Link…

    Polar Ring Galaxies

    180 degree rotation of a simulated Polar Disk Galaxy. We make composite images of the polar disk simulation, by assigning mock Hubble Space Telescope filters to blue green and red colors. We superimpose the movie on an HST background image and compare with a composite image of NGC4650A. Awesome. Link… For the detailed science, see Chris Brook paper

    Cool Animations on the Web