Ethnomusicology as a Profession

Music 512 Seminar                             Spring 2006         1:30-4:00 Th, Music 212  
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Prof. Ter Ellingson                       28D Music                                         543-7211           

Week 2 Readings: Publishing as a student


Becker, Howard S.

1996                 Writing for Social Scientists.

Reis, Richard

2000                 “Getting Published as a Graduate Student in the Sciences.” Chronicle of Higher Education Friday, November 24, 2000.


These are not readings in the usual sense of the term, but rather a kind of “Exhibit A” set of examples of my own publications written when I was a Ph.D. student. All are available online at our class website, The main purpose for making them available is not to read thoroughly and discuss their contents, but rather for you to look them over to get a general sense of their variety and types of subject matter and journals.

1974a               "Musical Flight in Tibet", Asian Music 5/2: 3-44 (SEM 1971)(music and spirit possession in Tibet and Central and North Asia)

1974b               "Algebraic and Geometric Logic", Philosophy East and West 24/1: 23-40 (Indo Tibetan Mandalas as mathematical-logical frameworks)

1977a               "Review-Essay: Tibetan Buddhist Chant by Walter Kaufmann", Asian Music 8/2: 64-81 (Tibetan musical concepts, forms, and transcription and analysis)

1977b               Errata for "Review-Essay: Tibetan Buddhist Chant by Walter Kaufmann", Asian Music 10/1 (1978): 128  (Tibetan musical concepts, forms, and transcription and analysis)

1979                 Tibet Issue: Asian Music, 10/2 (guest editor; authored, co-authored, and translated the following seven items:)

     1979a      "'Don Rta Dbyangs Gsum: Tibetan Chant and Melodic Categories", Asian Music 10/2: 112-156 (SEM Midwest 1979)(ethnoscientific analysis of Tibetan melodic concepts)

     1979b      "Explanation of the Secret Gcod Damaru", Asian Music 10/2: 63-91 (co-authored with Rinjing Dorje; annotated translation of Tibetan text on drum symbolism)

     1979c      "Dancers in the Marketplace", Asian Music 10/2: 159-178 (review-essay) (review-essay on the political history of dance in Tibet)

     1979d      "Conversations on Tibetan Musical Traditions", Asian Music 10/2: 3-4 (interview with Rakra Tethong)

     1979e      "On Music", Asian Music 10/2: 3-4 (Sa skya Pandita translation)

     1979f       "Why Study Music?", Asian Music 10/2: 157-158 (Sa skya Pandita translation)

     1979g      "Meditative Realization of the Melodious Goddess", Asian Music 10/2: 1-2 (Tsong kha pa translation)

1979h               "The Mathematics of Tibetan Rol mo", Ethnomusicology 23/2: 225-243 (SEM 1977)(transcription and analysis of complex mathematical rhythmic structures in Tibetan orchestral music)

1980                 "Ancient Indian Drum Syllables and Bu ston's Sham pa ta Ritual", Ethnomusicology 24/3 : 431-452 (submitted 1973)

1992                 "Notation", in Grove Handbook of Ethnomusicology. London: Macmillan, pp. 153-164. (SEM 1972) (interpretation of the oldest known Indian instrumental music notation)