Resources for Career Portfolios

This page will (or already does) contain:

1. Examples of portfolios and ways to represent various strengths and abilities (to be redeveloped, with improved examples)

2. Link to Tools page to help you make career portfolios (see below)

3. Print resources - books and articles that discuss and explain career portfolios and how to develop your own (see below)

4. Links to other online resources (primarily articles on why people should develop career portfolios and how to use them) (see below)

5. Links to college and university sites where students are encouraged to develop some kind of "portfolio" system, usually related to what they are learning, and sometimes related to careers. (see below)

1. Examples of Online Portfolios (some of which would qualify as career portfolios, and others that haven't been developed for that purpose)

Gabriel Nijmeh's portfolio   
Here's a very nice example of how portfolio materials can enhance a resume. The portfolio format is very useful for employers who are looking for project-oriented consultants. Note the consistent format for projects, each including background and scope, methodology and summary of benefits.

John P. Sample  (no longer at that site)
This one page is a great example of how different a portfolio can be from a resume, and how much portfolios can vary. Just this one frame shows that you don't have to restrict yourself to the dry, boring facts about yourself. (You do need the facts to demonstrate your capabilities, but you can bring in colorful analogies that will help your reader visualize your aspirations and your potential.)

Jennifer Alexander
Web site of a graphic designer - when you have something to show, Show it.

Charley Morey
You have a choice of entering the Java-enhanced or the non-Java site. The contrast is instructive of what sophisticated web designers can do. The Java-enhanced version has music, sophisticated graphics and quite a few bell-whistles, but even the non-Java-enhanced site has an interesting format.

Ivan M (Eng version, Russian version linked)
Those with multiliingual skills can prove it by posting resumes in more than one language.

Martin Pospisil
Color makes this relatively plain resume more interesting. Note that a text version is also made available.

Friends' Resume page
A number of resumes listed here would also qualify as "portfolios." They are listed in categories on a pull-down menu, and range from plain to sophisticated. Worth exploring.

This resume is moderately attractive, but relatively plain. Imagine the potential for a portfolio extension to this site.

R. D. Lankes' biography/portfolio
In this detailed site, notice the separate sections, and how they can be accessed.
R. D. Lankes' teaching portfolio only

Martin Kimeldorf's Portfolio Library 
If you're short on time and want to visit only one Website with information on portfolios, this is the one to choose. It links to Mr. Kimeldorf's articles and examples of two portfolios. It also extends and support's Mr. Kimeldorf's book, Portfolio Power, and the examples and notes explain the purpose and intent of the various parts of his career portfolio. Aron's Bike Portfolio is also a great example of a job search portfolio at a secondary school level. and

A Few Local Examples (this eventually will turn into UW student career portfolio Hall of Fame and be moved to its own place)

Amy Crook (geography undergrad)

Jay Florey (geography undergrad)

Carrie Oshiro (geography grad student)

Shaum McMullen (geography grad student)

Eugene Martin (geography grad student)

2. Link to Tools page, which lists programs that can be used to help develop portfolios. Also contains templates for portfolio pages, and suggestions for ways to convert artifacts into portfolio materials.


3. Paper-based Bibliography on Career Portfolio Use

Portfolio Power:  The New Way to Showcase All Your Job Skills and Experiences
 by Martin Kimeldorf, Petersonís, Princeton, NJ, 1997
(The most complete of the few books available on career portfolios.)

Creating Your Skills Portfolio: Show Your Accomplishments
by Carrie Straub, Crisp Publications, Inc.,  Menlo Park, CA, 1997
(Designed for Crisp's 50-minute series, basics are covered.)

Creating Your Career Portfolio:  At a Glance Guide
by Anna Graf Williams and Karen J. Hall, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1997

edited by Martin Kimeldorf (Special Issue of Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Vol. 12, No. 4, Winter 1996-7), San Jose, CA
(Articles by career development professionals writing from wide-ranging experiences with portfolios. )

Creating Portfolios for Success in School, Work, and Life
By Martin Kimeldorf, Free Spirit Publishing,, Minneapolis, MN, 1994
(Written for high school students, but relevant beyond the age group.)

Creating your Life's Work Portfolio:  An Interactive Career and Life Planning Workbook  by the editors of JIST, JIST Works, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, 1998
(Portfolios are a part of this book on planning for one's life)

Get A Life: Your Personal Planning Portfolio
Designed jointly by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NOICC), it has four sections -- self-knowledge, life roles, educational development, and career exploration and planning -- designed to help students organize the basics of their career/life planning. Available through ASCA Website.)

Creating a Digital Portfolio: A Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion
by Cynthia Baron, Hayden books, Indiannapolis, 1996
(Written by a graphic designer, and assumes that readers are already at a fairly high level of electronic technology.)


4. Online articles on career portfolios - why you should develop your own career portfolio and how-to information. (primarily articles and how-to information)

Preparing a Powerful Package of  Skills and Abilities
A particularly good article for its discussion of items that students have included in their portfolios and how they used them to back up their statements about their skills.

Portfolio Preparation Tips
A companion site to Preparing a Powerful Package....

Visual Aids 
Short article, with advice on constructing and using portfolios.

On Coming Home and Career Portfolios
by Joan Richardt    Describes the portfolio as "emerging as an exciting and dynamic new career development tool."

Career Portfolios: Telling Your Lifework Story
by Joan Richardt   Gives examples of how portfolios have been used in the would of work and suggests categories that may be included in career portfolios.

On Assessing Career Development with Portfolios
by Juliette N. Lester and Nancy S. Perry. In ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Student Service.  Professional article discussing assessment and the focus on learner-centered education and promoting educational reform.

Electronic Portfolios: A New Idea in Assessment
by Anna Maria D. Lankes. In ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology. Professional article. Describes how portfolios (at the K-12 level) can be used to demonstrate students' skills and accomplishments.

Acquiring Self Knowledge for Career Development
by Bettina A. Lankard. In ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career and Vocational Education. (Digest #175) Professional article that sees portfolio assessment as "integral to instruction in the evolving learner-centered classroom. The portfolio concept is one way to help educators meet this challenge, giving students ownership of their work and establishing the standards by which they will be measured."

Teacher Portfolio Assessment
by Peter Doolittle ERIC/AE Digest  ED385608 Apr 94  Professional article describes portfolios as they can be used in the context of assessing and improving teacher skills, but the same principles apply to other disciplines.

5. Portfolio Resources (primarily college- and university-based - Many colleges and universities are now encouraging their students to develop their own portfolios, but they are not always career portfolios. Nonetheless, these sites contain very useful ideas and information on creating portfolio materials.)

The Kalamazoo Portfolio: Reflections, Connections and Life  (Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI) A very extensive site with listings for students to learn about, create them and use portfolios. Also a section of information relevant to faculty and folks at other institutions. Several examples of student portfolios at various stages.

Be sure to see:
Kalamazo example page

Also note: As more problems are encountered with privacy issues, more student portfolios are placed off-limits of casual observers. Here is another example of just that happening.
Example page linking to "sorry" more are password-protected and/or not available.

Hewlett Portfolio Project
Contains several student portfolio examples and a set of examples of portfolio elements used in a management class.

Coe College Winners of Website Competition
The student sites linked online here tend to come and go, but it may be worth the time to check once in a while, because the award-winners usually are quite good.

Professional Employment Portfolios (Ball State University) - Tips on portfolios, with stress on self-assessment before beginning. Also excellent index of career-related Web sites, including assessment, found on Career Center's home page.

Your Portfolio   (The Evergreen State College) Listing of essentials, useful elements and strategies for portfolio construction.

Student Portfolio System Overview (Illinois State Univ - Col of Business - Dept of Accounting)
Overview of the system and how it works, however, the portfolios that used to be visible are now password protected.

Great Ideas for Marketing: Career Portfolios
A site that is interesting primarily for its perspective on portfolios, which are used to teach a class on the Principles of Marketing.

Teaching Portfolio This site is small, but it is targeted directly to teachers.