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Honestly, this site may never contain more than links to my favorite sites, with occasionally relevant and/or irreverent comments. It functions very handily as a reference tool to be accessed anywhere by anybody online. More work than I can muster anytime soon is going to be needed for anything more sophisticated.

So with that I hope you also will be able to check out topics of interest from here:

  1. Neat Web Mail Access

  2. Seriously Frivolous

  3. Good Weather Information

  4. Best Online News

  5. Fractal Studies

  6. Frank Zappa

  7. Science of Interest

  8. Technical (Computer) Information

  9. Nick's Internet Research Tools

  10. Tierra: An Electronic Simulation of Biological Evolution

  11. Web Resources on Public Transit

  12. Public and Political Information Sources

  13. Some Useful Sources of Financial Information

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Hey you know something people?                              What's the ugliest
I'm not black, but there's a whole lotsa times              Part of your body?
I wish I could say I'm not white.                           Some say your nose
(1966, Frank Zappa in Trouble Every Day -  Freak Out)       Some say your toes
                                                            But I think it's
                                                            YOUR MIND
                                                            (1968, Frank Zappa in What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? -  We're Only In It For The Money)