Photo of myself holding Gus, my little brother who is a shih tzu.

My name is Katherine (Kate) Deibel. When not saving the world from inclement evil, I am currently a research scientist Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching(CELT). I act as the technology support person and as a statistical / methodology consultant for the engineering education research there. A good deal of my work involves designing information visualizations for our various ongoing studies on how engineers approach design.

I also recently completed my PhD work at the Computer Science and Engineering department here at the University of Washington where I was co-advised by Alan Borning and John Bransford. My dissertation was on understanding and supporting the adoption of assistive technologies by adults with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. I utilized Value Sensitive Design to explore the various social, cultural, economic, and technical factors that lead many users with reading disabilities to avoid using tools to support their reading at school, work, and even at home. With these insights, I proposed ways to design better technologies that address these barriers to adoption and, in doing so, propose new directions for reading support technologies that can benefit all readers. This work was inherently multidisciplinary and reflects the breadth of research interests. I am particularly passionate about education research, particularly in the areas of alternative and digital literacies, educational technology, reading, and accessibility.

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