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Hisham Eldardiry

Hisham is a graduate research assistant (PhD Candidate) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. The primary focus of Hisham's research is geared towards the sustainability of the interconnected Food-Energy-Water (FEW) system. Hisham is currently working on his PhD topic, which aims to explore the impacts of transboundary dams on Food Energy Water security of the Nile River Basin.

  • (2020) PhD Candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • (2016) PhD in Systems Engineering
  • (2014) MSc in Civil Engineering
  • (2010) BSc in Civil Engineering

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More About Hisham


Towards Sustainable Food Energy Water System

Hisham's research aims to find solutions to challenges facing the security of Food Energy Water (or FEW) System in an integrative way. Such a nexus approach that considers the risks and synergies among the three sectors (FEW) is critical to building a more sustainable future. To address his research goal towards a sustainable FEW system, Hisham's research is centered on three themes: 1) Hydroclimatic Extremes (as a climate driver of sustainable FEW); 2) Adaptive Reservoir Operation (as an anthropogenic driver of sustainable FEW); and 3) Water System Dynamics.

Hisham's research includes the use of different tools and data with particular focus on:
1) Remote sensing big data (e.g., radars and satellites).
2) Cloud computing platforms (e.g., Google Earth Engine).
3) Modeling using physical-based (e.g., land surface models) and data-driven (e.g., machine learning techniques) approaches.

Currently, Hisham is working on his PhD to derive adaptive reservoir operation in the transboundary Nile river basin. Hisham's research has a bigger vision of “MoRe FEW” which aims at Monitoring Reservoir Operation for Sustainable Food Energy Water (FEW) System. This vision aligns with Hisham’s ambition to produce more from existing few resources (food, energy, and water).

Science Outreach

Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP)

Hisham is very interested in Translating Research into Practice (or TRIP) in a way that would make his research work has a broader societal impact. Hisham is concerned with four main levels of practice: (1) Academia; (2) Stakeholders and Policy Makers; (3) Engaging with the Public; and (4) Education. In his efforts to achieve the goal of the TRIP vision, Hisham is being involved in a wide variety of outreach activities.



University of Washington

  • NASA/CNES SWOT Virtual Hackathon Support Team (2020)
  • Capstone Design Project (2017-2018-2019-2020)
  • Assistant Instructor for Google Earth Engine Sessions, WaterHackWeek (2019)
  • Quantitative Water Resources Management (2019)

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • Engineering Hydrology (2015)
  • Capstone Design Project (2015)
  • Engineering Hydraulics (2013)

Alexandria University

  • Design of Irrigation Structures (2012-2013-2016-2017)
  • Engineering Hydrology (2016)
  • Computer Applications in Hydraulics (2013)
  • Fluid Mechanics (2012)

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2117 Mason Rd, University of Washington (Wilcox 173), Seattle, WA 98195, USA

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