Windows 98 Boot CD download this ISO!

I made an ISO of my Windows 98 Boot CD. I needed it yesterday, and I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

Download the Windows 98 Boot CD!
Note: This will not install Windows 98, only boot to a DOS prompt.

Update: This is NOT the installation CD! This download will not allow you to install Windows 98. This is a CD copy of the Windows 98 boot floppy, which will allow you to issue DOS commands to help you format/partition drives in preparation of an install. If you don’t know DOS commands and if you don’t have the Windows 98 installation files, this will not help you install Windows 98.

To burn the file to CD:

I used Alex Feinman’s ISO Recorder to create the image. You could probably use any tool to burn it, but Alex’s is pretty awesome. It adds right click burn to image power in Windows XP!

Author: Anthony Curreri

Anthony Curreri has lived aboard a boat since 2007, first on a 27′ sailboat, now he lives aboard Lunasea, a 1970 Chris Craft Commander 42. He has worked at the University of Washington since 2006, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a degree in Computer Science in 2004, and had his first job at a dial-up internet service provider in 1999.

137 thoughts on “Windows 98 Boot CD download this ISO!”

    1. Thanks a lot. I really needed this disc as my floppy drives have all failed. Have had spent a long time looking for this boot disc.
      Now I can go back to win98 SE and forget all about windows 10 (rubbish)!
      Thank you again

    1. That’s perfect. This is just a boot disk, on a CD. The idea is that you get a dos prompt so you can run the utilities like fdisk to prepare your hard drive for Windows 98 Install. This CD image does not contain the Windows 98 system (is that what you were expecting?)

  1. So basically this download sounds like when you are buying the tires for a car you don’t yet have but you know you have the money for it (the car).

    Am I the only one confused at the logic or lack of on this download here?

  2. I am not trying to be mean or anything but am trying to understand the purpose of this download from reading Anthony’s comment about his dos command prompt problem and it caused me to realize that analogy.

  3. This is the recovery floppy that came with Windows 98. It boots to a command prompt and lets you run 12 year old recovery tools. This is useful to some. If you don’t know what this is, it’s probably not useful to you.

  4. I was looking for it, I’m needing it right now. Thans thanks for the work!!! I’ll test it and solve my PC problem.

  5. SO DUMB
    obviously if you had no idea why this is here.. then for the jebus sakes just keep your mouth shut or ask a question rather then hating on something you have no idea about

  6. Well Done and thanks. Just found this page after making my own EBD. Currently writing a plain and simple document to explain to to people WHAT an EBD is! and how to use it safely. 😀

  7. Thanks for this!

    @Kyle, if you don’t know why it’s useful you probably don’t need it. I found it useful …

  8. Still useful to boot in PCs which have CD copying problems. I open and add Windows 2000 or XP files to the .iso, burn the CD, boot it, copy the files to hard disk (after usual partition and format), and run winnt.ext to install.
    (Leave lots of time for the install, but it works.)

  9. many probably assumed this would allow them to boot the Windows 98 disc. While it does allow you to use fdisk. It maps your CD rom drive to A and your floppy to B, even once partitioned with fdisk, no attempt to read the C drive ever worked as it was considered invalid and there was no way to read the windows 98 CD rom due tot he fact everything ran from the Cd rom drive. There was a reason we needed the Floppy And the disc back then, and now if you have one Cd rom drive this will not work. You still need a boot floppy to use the CD. Otherwise thanks for this, as it does allow you to do some things with no floppy that wasn’t easy any other way!

  10. It’s been a while since I’ve used this, but I as I recall A and B are RAM drives… the CD loads the floppy disc image into RAM. You should be able to remove the boot CD after the system is booted, and put in another CD and read that. YMMV though, I guess.

  11. hi anthony
    i didnt find it helpful …may be cuz of lack of knowledge but i could not able to find win98se file there …how to find this file ???
    so that i can copy that file to C: and boot the same

    help would be appreciated

    1. This CD does not have the Windows 98 setup files on it. It’s been so long since I’ve actually installed Windows 98 that I definitely can’t provide instructions on how to do this from memory. I’m going to update the post to make it more clear that this is not the Windows 98 installation CD.

  12. Great tool: if you are restoring a Windows 98 operating system into a computer with no floppy disk, you NEED this CD. It lets you boot rhe computer, run a DOS version that sees the CD, and prepare the disk drive before you install the operating system (that is, make the partition and format the disk drive). Then, once the disk is formatted, you will be able to install Windows 98. If you use 98SE (second edition) then the operating system handles USB drives. This lets you use old Windows 95 programs (like games) on that computer. NOTE: Windows 98 stands for Windows 1998. That is, it can be too old for your needs and, in some cases, it could be too advanced for your Windows knowledge

  13. what do i do if it says os not found when i try to boot w/ out disk but gives dos w/ disk?

    1. If you had a computer that was working, and now it’s suddenly saying “OS Not Found” you probably have a bad hard drive. A computer repairman might be able to fix it, or restore some of your data… and he might not.

      Since you have the Windows 98 Boot CD anyway, boot from it again. Try to type in: “C:” at the prompt, and press enter. The prompt should change to c:> on the left. If you get an error message, then you can be pretty sure that the drive is corrupted. You can try the commands: “chkdsk c: /f” and “fdisk c: /mbr” These might fix the problem, might do nothing, or might make the problem worse. Try at your own risk.

  14. Thank you very much Anthony – i wanted to make a virtual windows 98 with wmware, so i can play my old games, like might and magic, again. And i was facing the problem that i had no diskdrive anymore.

  15. Trying to install win98 in VMWare and can get to boot from the iso as mounted ide drive. Just can’t access the CD that has win 98 on it… Can’t afford to lose the hair that I’m losing with this project.

  16. Making a VMware Win98.

    Boot using this ISO. fdisk the c drive and then shut down. Choose another windows VM and connect this c drive as a second hard drive. then copy the Windows 98 setup CD into a folder on the drive.

    Shut down the other VM and open the Windows 98 VM. boot and enter the folder you copied the setup files to, type setup.

    Works great!

  17. I love this CD
    Can’t believe all the stupid unnecessary comments I just read about this.
    I got a question:
    I have a hard drive that had Linux installed on it.
    I removed all the partitions and created one with 16MB so Y can boot from it.
    Restarted and then ran Format C:/q/s/v
    The machine won’t boot from C:
    It shows a GRUB and does nothing else.
    Any suggestions from higher level geeks?

    1. My mother used to say “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.” So, I try to be nice! haha

      You just need to do an fdisk /mbr This should wipe out the master boot record (erasing GRUB). Then format the drive again to be sure.

  18. i have run out of options.
    i have a Compaq -c9j0988
    16MB RAM
    1GB HDD.
    CD ROM.

    It won’t boot from a CD since it appears to have no Bios.

    I tried to make the 1GB HDD bootable using Flashboot s/w with HDD external attachment, but when i start to install win 98,95 i get an error : you need atleast 16MB, 🙁 yet i have 16MB !!

    I just bought a few floppy disks, i have downloaded you image,
    am gona put all my eggs in your basket 🙂

    T -H -A -N -K Y-o-U !

  19. I have a Windows 98 bootable floppy, but after booting, drive C is invalid. I want to be able to access drive C to run CHKDSK or other utilities to try to fix the problem booting off of C. I don’t want to reinstall Windows or format C, which I couldn’t do anyway since drive C is invalid.

  20. As my floppy drive no longer works, using your boot CD was the only way I could
    re-install Windows 98 SE. Many thanks for this resource.

  21. I have downloaded windows 98 SE iso image from torrent for my old computer system. If I burn that image to CD and install will it works.
    I have currently debian minimal intslled on the system.

    Please do reply ASAP.
    Thank you.

    1. First of all, Windows 98 is not free software. I’m not sure it’s for sale anymore, so if you don’t already own a copy of it I’m not sure how you would legally obtain one.

      Secondly, the bootable iso which you can download from this page is for prepping a system for install… meaning you will need to format a drive or partition. If you don’t already have an empty drive or partition, you can add a harddrive or you may be able to use a program to shrink your linux parition. I believe Ultimate Boot CD has a utility for this. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to set up grub to dual-boot Linux and Windows. This process is complicated. Google can help.

  22. thanks a lot dude, i need this boot, with this i can fix my clients computer and @tamzin, dont comment at all, your comment makes us computer guys embarrass by what you are saying!! you are a piece of CRAP!!! it says that this is a “Windows 98 Boot CD” NOT AN INSTALLER!! YOU F@CK!!!, FYI!!! many like us guys who know to “FIX” our computer need this you @SS-h0LE!! IF YOU WANT A INSTALLER THEN FIND A “INSTALLER!!! YOU F@CK!!” and do us a favor shut your F@king mouth and read once in awhile, jezz!!! you make me sick @tamzin.

  23. Much thanks, I have a client box with win 8 on it and he was threateing to toss it out a 5th story Window and buy a MAC, this will help me format out his drive and get the Win 7 installed and salvage a good customer. Microsoft has blowen it big time stuffing Win 8 down peoples throat, they are going to loose a boat load of loyal customers if they don’t figure out a quick u-turn on this OS.

  24. Funny reading through your replies,people thinking that they have acquired a 98 OS!Regardless,any ideas how to transfer it to a USB flash drive – would be really handy – realise it needs to be turn into a ISO file,but, HOW?

  25. Ok, here’s my problem. Got Hp Compaq 1598DT. Had too much crap on it and was becoming slow and unresponsive so I thought best thing would be a fresh install of windows. I changed the boot order in the bios to read cd first and then formatted the hard drive which was successful. Now my problem begins. When I turn on the laptop it says wrong system disk. I Cannot enter the bios, from what I’ve read I think the bios in on the hard drive and now its formatted it’s gone. I’ve downloaded this boot disk and burnt the iso to disk and put it in the old HP Compaq. Still comes up with the same error message not valid system disk and I still can’t get into the bios to check to see if it is reading cd first. Just want to install win 98 back on to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark.

  26. Heyho. Didn’t work for me. It booted OK, into A:, but acknowledged no other drives. Then when I inserted other CDs into that same drive, it refused to deal with them, only offering RETRY FAIL. Every single one, even those that I have at least DIRed using other boot CDs/DVDs.
    At least it booted; the Windows98Live cd just hanged at the W98 splash screen. Anyone know any others that might work? Win7HomePremium 64bit.

    1. A: is a ram-drive created by this boot cd. It is basically imitating the windows 98 boot floppy.

      C: should be the first hard drive. If you type c: at the prompt, what message do you get? If the hard drive is not formatted to fat16 or fat 32, you will not be able to read the hard drive.

      D: I think will be the second hard drive or the first cdrom

      Really this CD is just for formatting your hard drive so that you can install Windows 98. It’s not a recovery CD and it will not read modern file formats.

  27. Thank you for this. For you kids that don’t know this is a boot disc that works with command line. To see all commands type “dir”. The most common useful command is “fdisk”. This command can rebuild a hard drives partition if something ever happens to it. Like today a windows 7 install corrupted my hard drive so bad the boot manager files couldn’t be mounted on it to start the installation. Fdisk erased to corrupt partition and built a new one. Making my hard drive usable again. Great tool. If you have old hard drives laying around you think are broken try “Fdisk” to repair them.

  28. Thanks for uploading that 98 startup image file it loaded no problem.
    I have a 98 startup disk somewhere but wasn’t able to locate it, now I see how valuable it is lol
    thanks again your friend Manny.

  29. Thank you very much. Hope some day you will give us a Win98SE cd too 🙂

    And after that some guidance for making Win98 a beautiful look OS that runs on my computer.

    Thank you very much once again

  30. Thanks, I’d been looking for around the world =)) … at last, I halt in a simple site but cute to visit. Thanks again for the Windows 98 ISO. God bless you. amin

  31. Excellent! works for me thanks so much. Nice work 🙂

    Fdisk – format c:/s – remove boot cd – insert window 98 cd – R:> setup

    complete set up new window 98.

  32. Give a man an iso and it is good for only one thing
    Teach a man how to make his own iso and anything is possible
    Many thanks

  33. Have an industrial system running XP with a borked MBR after a troublesome disk transplant. Win 98 fixmbr is just the ticket. And I see that I’m not the only one downloading this image in December 2014! Thanks man, you’re a lifesaver.

  34. Okay, I have gotten much use from this CD. Was able to format drive etc. Now, I have the Win98se install disk, but it is Not bootable, so I am trying to get this boot CD to allow me to install win98 on a laptop. I copied all files from the boot CD to the newly partitioned (and formatted) C:\ drive. But whenever I swap the bootCD for the Win98se install CD, I get errors. Im missing a step here, can someone please help make this work? thanks!!

  35. It’s too hard for me to install windows 98 without the setup files. Can anyone help me out?

  36. A friendly comment from year 2015

    1. VMWare Player requires the .vmx file be edited to slow down the BIOS boot screen. After creating the VM travel to its subdirectory and edit the (ex. Windows 98.vmx) file in a text editor.
    2. First stop the VM, each time is goes from a run state to a stop state it overwrites this file. So you must make sure the VM is stopped to keep from overwriting any edits you make while it is running. At the bottom of the Windows 98.vmx file add the line “bios.bootdelay = 20000” without the quotes, save the text file. This will make the VMware BIOS screen countdown from 20 seconds to 0 seconds before booting. In that time you can click in the window and hit F2 to edit the BIOS settings from within the BIOS program.
    3. Using only the keyboard, click the Right arrow key to get to [Boot] promote the CDROM make it the First bootable device. Press F10 to save settings and exit. The VM will reboot and bring you back to a BIOS screen again. You can preempt the count down by clicking in the window and pressing [Enter].
    4. If you have a bootable Win98SE CDROM image it will then boot straight into the same DOS with tools prompt the iso from this page will do.
    5. From this prompt A:\> FDISK, simply accept all the defaults. It will then quit and say the machine must be shutdown to continue the install. Turn off the pwoer to the VM. Then restart the VM.
    6. From this prompt A:\> FORMAT C: /S, it will complete.
    7. Using the VMware menu outside the VM, change the ISO iamge for the virtual CDROM drive and point it at the ISO image with your install files. You do not need to restart or do anything else, the change is install and there are no indications for fail or success.
    8. Click back into the DOS window A:>\ change to the R: drive, by typing the name “R:” without the quotes, but do include the colon “:” press enter and it will change to that drive.
    9. Perform a “dir” or just type “setup” and Windows 98 SE will install.

    What’s going on are two things:

    A. VMware decided BIOS was unimportant and defaulted the Boot order many years ago to by default ignore anything in the CDROM drive. Regaining control of it requires a high degree of knowledge about their BIOS boot configuration file, or re-enabling the ability to “slow down” the boot screens so you can capture the keyboard and press F2. Its more useful to know how to “slow it down” because you might want to turn things off and on for other BIOS devices, so that’s why its recommended here.

    B. The boot ISO and the bootable Win98SE ISO booth setup a MSCDEX (Microsoft CD Extensions) device driver that extends DOS so it has a “virtual” CDROM device at the drive Letter “R:” after its loaded into memory, it doesn’t care that the host operating system may “pretend” to eject and insert a new CDROM, byt swapping the ISO images. DOS and its device drivers remain “in memory” so its unaffected. The “setup” program is just a DOS 8/16 bit program that loads from the ISO image “DOS virtual cdrom drive” and begins the process of installing Win98SE.

    Kinda “neat”

  37. There are some really useful comments here. And, thanks for keeping this available… I’ve got copies of similar ISOs I’ve made in the past, but they’re buried in archives.

    My need for it was to flash the BIOS of a T22 ThinkPad which is serving my local network DHCP, DNS and other services. The EEPROM for the on-board LAN adapter became corrupted somehow, to the point where the BIOS reported N/A and no MAC address for it.

    The IBM/Lenovo end-of-life archive only had .EXE files, no .ZIPs, bootable ISOs or Linux support at all for this model.

    Those bass-turds.

  38. I almost forgot about ms-dos.
    But all the commands came back quickly (just like riding a bycicle)
    Thank you very much.

  39. Thanks for the info! I have Win98SE, but I am not currently running Windows. I moved to Linux some years ago, but do have some applications that will only run under Windows. I’m currently taking an on-line course through the Linux Foundation and was advised to virtualize one of three Linux distributions. Virtualbox runs very well, but I’ve not put it through its paces. That said running Win98SE crossed into my sights, but there lies the rub I no longer have a floppy drive so what to do. Your ISO is a God send. Thanks.

  40. I’m not so great with computers, and I gave up on using dosbox to install Windows 98. I found a great video on youtube ( I’m attempting to install Windows 98 through virtual box, but the boot disk file from the video description (I’m trying to select for the “floppy” option) “doesn’t work”. In other words, I haven’t the slightest idea what to do because the files showed up but I was unable to select any of them. I just downloaded the above file to see if it was better, but I didn’t have any luck. I’m sure everyone has better things to do with their time, but if anyone is able to help me, I would much appreciate it.
    I’m feeling nostalgic for my old computer games, and the only computer that will run those games is at my parents house. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help!!

    1. I didn’t actually watch the video, but I think I know what the issue is… the iso on this page isn’t a floppy–it’s a boot cd. So you wouldn’t use the floppy controller on at virtual machine at all, you’d use a virtual cdrom. Select this iso in the VM controller so that you boot from the cd, it should give you a dos prompt where you can do the format stuff and copy the windows 98 install files to the hard drive. I mean, I’ve never actually used this iso with a virtual machine, but it should work…

  41. HI,

    Strange, when I click the link here:

    “I made an ISO of my Windows 98 Boot CD. I needed it yesterday, and I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

    Download the Windows 98 Boot CD!

    Note: This will not install Windows 98, only boot to a DOS prompt. ”

    I only get a sceen full of strange signs, is that correct ?

  42. Hi,
    I’m trying to copy your two .bin files to a CD. The bootcat file copies fine but the bootimg file gets an error message saying “invalid MSDOS function”. Any help would really be appreciated. I’ve wasted three CDs and a DVD with the same result. I’m using win 10.

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