About me

Betsy L. Cooper is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of Washington. She specializes in public opinion research and American politics.

Her research explores the role that backlash and group threat play in American political life. More specifically, she studies how recent political mobilization, incorporation and policy victories can lead to a unique form of backlash against minority groups. This backlash is detectable in both attitudinal data and policy preferences.

Professionally, she is affiliated with the Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race and Sexuality (WISER), the Center for Survey Research at the University of Washington, the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS), and Face Value. She earned her B.A. from Hendrix College.

Research Interests

Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Quantative Methodology, Politics and Sexuality, Political Institutions and Public Law








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phone: (206) 616-3895

email: cooperel [AT] uw . edu

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Department of Political Science

Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences

Face Value