Autumn 2003
Cara Lane






Final Projects

Film Adaptations of British Literature

Class Times: MW 11:30-1:20

Classrooms: MGH 082 (M) and Balmer 415 (W)

Instructor: Cara Lane

Email: cgiacomi@u.washington.edu

Office: Padelford A503

Office Hours: W 1:30 to 3:30 and by appointment


Film adaptations of British literary works have been popular since the early years of cinema. Therefore, many film adaptations have become just as well-known as the literary sources on which they are based. In the case of some works, such as Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol,  various film versions exert more cultural infleunce than their printed counterparts. This class examines the interconnections between films and books, focusing on the theory and practice of film adaptation. It places these materials in dialogue in order to enhance understanding of both media. Assignments involve completing close readings of books and films, giving oral presentations, applying adaptation theory, and designing a film adaptation. This is a computer-integrated course. Class sessions alternate between a computer lab and a seminar-style classroom.  Web design is a component of several assignments (basic design skills will be taught in class).  There will be three or more evening film screenings.

The LAN (Local Area Network)

You will be using the computers in the LAN for group discussions, to draft papers, to keep a record (in your individual folder) of your written work, and to complete your final project.  You will need to put in time and effort early in the quarter in order to become comfortable with the computer skills necessary for success in this class.  You will also need to attend to the following requirements.

We will be using Microsoft Word as our word processing program. If you choose to use any other word processing program, you are responsible for learning how to convert your assignments into Word format prior to the due date. Be sure to consult the CIC Student Guide or see me if you have questions about how to do this.

We will be using Netscape Composer as our web editor. You are required to use this program for group web projects, but you are not required to use this program for your final project.

In order to complete assignments for this class, you may need to use the LAN outside of class hours. Hours when the LAN is open for use by students enrolled in CIC classes are posted in the LAN.  You cannot use the LAN during the breaks between scheduled classes.


Computer-Integrated Courses Student Guide (Communications Copy Center)

A Room with a View, Bantam Classics, ISBN: 0553213237 (UW Bookstore)

Frankenstein, Broadview, ISBN: 1551113082 (UW Bookstore)

Heart of Darkness, Norton, ISBN: 0393955524 (UW Bookstore)

A Christmas Carol, Dover Thrift Editions, ISBN: 0486268659 (UW Bookstore)


An IBM-formatted high-density disk (available in the LAN for $1)

An active University of Washington email account

A stapler

Pen and paper (to be brought to class everyday)


Presentations:  15%
Participation:  20%
Papers: 30%
Final Project35%

Presentations:  You will complete two formal presentations during the quarter: an analysis of a film or critical article not covered in class and an introduction to your final project.

Papers:  Papers consist of an abstract of a critical article, analyses of two adaptations, and a proposal for your final project. These papers will be posted on the class web site.

Participation: Active, thoughtful participation is important to your success in this course. This involves being fully prepared for class each day and being willing to share your ideas. Activities that contribute to this portion of your grade include discussions, journal writing, short research projects, informal presentations, quizzes, and other class exercises.

Final Project:  You will create a web site that presents an Adaptation Design. Your design will include the following materials: a critical introduction describing the theory (or theories) of adaptation that inform your design, an overview of the adaptation, a scene description, a script sample, and information on costuming, setting, casting, lighting, and other components of the film.


Late Penalties

  • Presentations: 1/2 credit if first presentation is completed within a week of its due date. No credit after one week. No credit for late final presentations.
  • Papers: 0.2 grade deduction for each day late. This penalty includes weekends and days when the class does not meet.  Penalties begin to accrue immediately at the time the paper is due (if a paper is due at the beginning of class, it is counted as one day late if it is turned in later in the class period).  In the event of an emergency (malfunctioning printers and failure to save your paper do not count), I can modify these penalties.  Please email me immediately if you have an emergency.
  • Class Activities:  You receive no credit if you miss these activities.  You cannot make up activities that you miss.
  • Final Project: 0.2 grade deduction for each day the project is late. I will not accept projects turned in after 4:00 PM on December 19.

Plagiarism: According to university and departmental policy, plagiarism—broadly defined as passing someone else’s work off as your own—constitutes grounds for failure of the assignment in question, possible failure of the course, or even suspension from the university. Save all drafts of papers, reports, projects, and your reading notes. I may ask to see evidence of your writing process at any time. If you are having so much difficulty writing that you are tempted to use someone else’s work, you should come and talk to me—we can work together to overcome any writing difficulty you are experiencing. 

Missed Classes: If you miss class, it is your responsibility to check the class web site to find out what you missed. Generally, handouts from class will be available in the LAN and on the course web site.

Evening Film Screenings: There will be at least two screenings this quarter (locations TBA). If you cannot attend a screening, it is your responsibility to see the film before the next class period. Films will be on reserve in the library for viewing.

Office Hours:  I will be in my office Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3:30.  If you cannot attend those hours, email me to arrange an alternate time.

Email:  You can contact me anytime via email.  On Monday thru Thursday I try to respond to email within 24 hours.  I cannot guarantee a prompt response to email received after 5:00 PM on Thursdays