Some illustrations of the Freudian sense of fetishism:


Here is a good example of a fetishistic image by the fashion photographer Horst P. Horst, entitled Around the Clock (1987):





Notice how well parts of Susan Hayward's (1996) psychoanalytic "fetishism" entry apply to this photograph:

Fetishism refers to the notion of over-investment in parts of the body, most commonly the female body. Thus, in films women's breasts or legs are often 'picked out' by the camera and are, thereby, over-invested with meaning. Similarly, dress codes can be part of this fetishizing process. Thus, a woman might wear a slinky, tight-fitting dress and long black evening gloves. Alternatively, she might be wearing very high heels, stilettos perhaps, and have her fingernails thickly nail-polished (in deep red if it is a film in colour). [...] This fetishization takes place by a fragmentation of the body and an over-investment in the part of the body (or a piece of clothing) that has been fragmented off. (Hayward, 1996:394f.)


Question: How do the various parts or fragments of this photograph work together to create an overall effect?

Challenge: Describe how the garter-belt adds to the fetishistic energy of the image.